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Federations & Organizations

Karate Ontario

NKA, National Karate Association of Canada

World Karate Federation (WKF)

Karate Videos

CHAMP Co., Ltd.
The Official Media Representative of the Japan Karatedo Federation

Videos, DVDs, books and magazines from one of the world’s foremost martial arts video
production companies.

Karate Clothing & Equipment

The World Famous Brand from the Birthplace of Karate
From Okinawa, quality karate clothing, belts, protectors and other equipment for all martial artists.

A Designated Supplier of Karate Uniforms to Tokyo JKA HQ

Finely designed and crafted karate wear & goods. (No English site at the moment).

Tokaido Inc.
The Pioneer Karate Uniform Manufacturer

The first company in the world to manufacture uniforms exclusively for karate practice. Supplying the finest dogi and belts to practitioners everywhere since 1958.

Hirota Co., Ltd.
High Quality and Quick Service
Highly popular karate-gi, protectors and karate equipment. Videos and other goods also available online.

Yamaga Co., LTD.
For Karate Uniforms

Quality dogi, belts and other karate equipment.

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