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If you’re looking to develop strength, test yourself or have a fantastic workout, try karate martial art! No martial arts background or experience is necessary. Classes are generally open to people who are 4 years and older. Even though karate is quite physical and requires stamina, no need to worry about that; our classes are demanding but we always respect everyone’s abilities and limitations.

Regular membership fees are $320 per 3 months, $550 per 6 Months, $1100 per 1 year. Discounts provided for families. See our schedule here.

No experience necessary. Everyone starts out as a beginner! Be sure to come to the dojo 15 minutes before your first class to register.

  • Wear comfortable clothing that is easy to move freely in.
  • Have the hair pulled up and out of the face to avoid distractions and keep students safe.
  • Prepare to enter the gym barefooted.
  • Remove any jewelry/accessories that could be a safety concern (such as watches, bracelets, necklaces, dangling earrings, etc.)
  • Bring a bottle of water and a small towel or face cloth (you will sweat a lot!)

For any questions, please feel free to contact us by email or by phone at 905-460-1763.