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Global Karate Do, Mississauga Shotokan Karate Club, Sensei Zvonko Celebija

Karate DoWelcome to Global Karate-Do, Mississauga Shotokan Karate Club official web site.

Over the past years, Karate enthusiasts of all ages have learned about the martial art and sport and improved their fitness level and self-defence skills at Global Karate Do Mississauga Shotokan Club.  Karate is a martial art focusing not only on physical techniques, but also on mental discipline and development.  Mississauga Shotokan Karate Club provides a welcoming location for members to advance their skills, harness their energy, and improve their physical conditioning.

The word karate is a combinations of two Japanese characters:  "kara", meaning empty, and "te", meaning hand; thus, "karate" means "empty hand."  Karate is a way of life that goes well beyond the self-defense applications.

The Mississauga Shotokan Karate Club Mission Statement is to provide local, high quality Karate training in a family oriented environment and to ensure the Karate Club is sustainable and that karate training remains affordable and enjoyable.

Our Affiliations

Global Karate Do, Mississauga Shotokan Karate Club is a Member of Karate Ontario, the sport governing body for karate in Ontario. and is affiliated with Karate Canada, National Karate Do Association of Canada.

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